The Unseen

Forthcoming by 9mm Press | Released June, 2019 | Kindle, Ebook, Trade Paperback

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A fragment from an ancient scroll…

Boston Herald Investigative Journalist, Alex Careski, has been hiding from the truth about his dead father for eight years. And today, his fortieth birthday, is his day of reckoning.

A man inexplicably shoots at Alex from the parking garage, in search of an emailed image of an ancient manuscript page from the Hexapla, a highly controversial 1st century text comparing different versions of the Christian Bible. The page was emailed from Soren Careski – Alex’s dead father. How could this be? The shooter follows Alex home, shoots through his living room window, searches his home for the missing manuscript and, not finding it, kidnaps Alex’s wife Simone. The shooter leaves a single card on Alex’s table with the letter “I” written in calligraphy, and on the back the phrase, “am the Inquisition”. Beside it is another card with the notation “Rome”. Italy?

In London, The British Museum’s Director of Antiquities Lily Frasier is being interrogated by the police over the unthinkable theft of two volumes in the Castleman Library. In the midst of the interrogation, Lily gets a call from her sister Mona about a strange emailed image of a single manuscript page. Coincidence? Lily instructs Mona to fly to Rome immediately and meet her there, and not to tell anyone about the text.

After no cooperation from the Boston Police Department, Alex Careski flies to Rome to follow clues left by the shooter, desperate to find his beloved wife and answers to his mounting list of questions. Outside the airport, Alex is cornered, shoved into a car and taken to a cell, where he finds another victim, a young woman, Mona. She too was emailed the same ancient manuscript page. Together Alex and Mona try to escape from their holding cell to find the missing manuscript page, but ultimately for Mona to find her sister Lily, and Alex to find Simone.

Their quest takes Alex and Mona to the Angelica Library in Rome, and eventually to Dublin, where they meet someone who connects the tangled branches of Alex’s family tree and leads him to the real truth about his dead father and the secret he died to protect.

Advanced Praise for “The Unseen”

As good as Dan Brown’s best and filled with gripping, clever twists, Lisa Towles’ latest tale propels you through a deadly mystery delving into ancient texts—and it will keep you up all night. Definitely an intelligent page-turner.”

- A.C. Frieden, author of the Jonathan Brooks spy thriller series

Lisa Towles weaves an exquisite tale of deception, ancient scrolls, and kidnapping that spans continents and lifetimes. Beautifully rendered, The Unseen is a must-read for thriller lovers!"

- Cat Connor, Author of The Byte Series