From the quiet English countryside to the gritty streets of Boston's Chinatown, we both see and sense a silent commonality among these eerie tales — Polisar's fascination with the darkness of the human psyche. Murder in a mental institution, a jazz club, deadly assassins, Lisa Polisar's intricate storytelling and startling characters will take you on an unforgettable ride through fear, terror, and deliverance.

From the moors of Devon to Boston, 'Frisco and the Midwest, Polisar's finely drawn characters possess a dogged determination to escape various fates besetting them. Will they?

— Albert Noyer, author of the Getorius and Arcadia Mystery Series

Escape is the perfect collection of short stories for the reader who loves variety in their mysteries. You'll find everything from the scariest classic suspense, the modern police procedural, the English cozy, traditional whodunit, to futuristic crimes, perfect to keep your mystery muse wonderfully entertained.

— Marilyn Meredith, The Invisible Path, latest in the Deputy Crabtree Mystery Series

From the English countryside to the plains of Oklahoma, from a Chinatown shoeshine shop to a San Francisco jazz joint, cops and robbers pair up with murderous musicians, lonely lovers, and deadly daughters in a collection of cleverly plotted crime stories by multi-published author Lisa Polisar. For fans of mystery and mayhem, short fiction doesn't get much better than this.

— Mary Welk, author of the "Rhodes to Murder" Series


Collection of Mystery Short Fiction
Trade Paperback, $6.95
ISBN: 9780982529461
NukeWorks Publishing (Dec, 2010)

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Photo by wgmbh/iStock / Getty Images
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Photo by Georgiy Shpade/Hemera / Getty Images